Treating Thrush from the inside out

Soothes and clears, comfortably.
Soft Gel Format

  • Comfortable to use Soft Gel Pessary
  • Works directly at the source of infection
  • Treats the internal infection and also soothes external symptoms

Top tips for treating Thrush


If it's your first time, you should see your doctor first just to make sure that you definitely have thrush.



If you've had thrush before, it's fine to self treat it and there are plenty of options. Visit a pharmacist if you want advice on the best option for you, and the best way of treating your individual symptoms. She may advise you to take an oral capsule, a pessary or a cream.



If you're comfortable with the different options, you can even pick up treatments for thrush from the shelf in your local supermarket.



Regular shower gels are not developed for the extra sensitivity of the intimate area, as they contain chemicals and detergents that can be too harsh. To avoid further irritation that regular shower gels may cause, you can use soothing feminine wash developed specifically for times of discomfort.

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If you've got thrush, we suggest you treat it from both angles - the internal infection and the external irritation.

You can treat the internal infection with an oral capsule, pessary or internal cream, and if it's uncomfortable 'outside', you can also use an external cream to soothe any itching or soreness.

If you've never had thrush before, make an appointment with your doctor just to make sure that you know what you're dealing with, then once you know the symptoms, it's usually fine to self-diagnose. However, if you suffer from recurrent thrush, i.e. more than two infections in six months, you should see your GP for advice.

Canesten Oral &
Cream Duo

is an option
which offers a combination
of internal and
external treatments

  1. A single Canesten Oral Capsule (fluconazole), to help clear the infection
  2. A handy tube of Canesten 2% double-strength* Thrush Cream (clotrimazole) to immediately cool the external symptoms.

* Compared to Canesten 1% cream


There are lots of other Canesten treatments to choose from


Natural remedies

Some people swear by natural remedies for everything, and a thrush infection is no exception. If you want to try treating thrush with nature's help, you could try increasing the amount of pre-biotic fibre in your diet, by eating bananas, onions, leeks, artichokes and garlic, as this is what the good bacteria feed on.

You might also like to try soothing the infection with aromatherapy. Try adding six drops of
tea tree oil and two tablespoons of base oil to a warm bath, and soak in it for ten minutes.