Canesflor® Probiotics for Vaginal Use

Canesflor® Probiotics for Vaginal Use

What is Canesflor®?

Canesflor® is a convenient vaginal capsule that delivers probiotics, specifically the good bacteria lactobacilli, to the vagina. This helps restore the natural environment of your vagina and works to create a protective barrier over your vaginal walls, helping prevent thrush and bacterial vaginosis from recurring.

Many factors can disrupt the level of lactobacilli in the vagina including antibiotics, hormonal changes and lifestyle factors (e.g. tight clothing, synthetic underwear or washing with harsh soaps and shower gels in the intimate area) which can cause vaginal infections.

If you suffer from repeated vaginal infections (e.g. recurrent thrush or bacterial vaginosis), you can help to prevent the recurrence of the infection by using Canesflor® as soon as you finish your appropriate medication (i.e. next day).

How to use Canesflor®?

In the evening before going to sleep insert one capsule deeply into your vagina while lying on your back. To facilitate insertion, you can slightly moisten the capsules.

Use 1 capsule each day for 6 consecutive days and then 1 capsule per week, for 4 weeks. Each box contains 10 vaginal capsules.

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If you’re afraid vaginal infections such as thrush and BV are likely to come back you can help prevent their recurrence by using Canesflor® from the day after you finish your treatment.

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Decades of expertise and knowledge has enabled Canesten® to develop various intimate health care and treatment options, including Canesflor Probiotics for Vaginal Use.