Frequently Asked Questions About Sweat Rash

What causes sweat rash?

Sweat rash is caused by an overgrowth of a yeast (Candida) due to humidity, friction and lack of ventilation between skin folds. Click here to learn more about sweat rash.

How do I know if I have sweat rash?

Common symptoms include a red rash, inflamed, itchy or broken skin. These symptoms usually show up in areas where your skin rubs together, such as under your arms. Click here to see more symptoms of sweat rash.

Will regular moisturiser or body creams help with sweat rash?

Candidal sweat rash may not go away on its own; you may need to use an anti-fungal product to treat it. If your sweat rash is inflamed, you can use a soothing treatment that also tackles the infection. For more information, visit our treatment page.

What can I do to prevent sweat rash in future?

Keep your skin cool and dry and try to stick to wearing clothes with breathable fabric such as cotton. Click here for more tips on preventing sweat rash.