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Symptom Checker

Get a Personalised Symptom Assessment

Wondering if your symptoms could be a sign of thrush or BV? Simply answer a few questions about your symptoms to find out what they could mean and receive a personal symptom assessment.




By clicking this link you will leave the Canesten website and enter the Ada symptom assessment tool.

Take control of your intimate health

Sometimes the symptoms of intimate conditions like thrush, BV, cystitis or vaginal dryness can be confusing. But don’t worry, help is at your fingertips!

This free, online symptom checker is powered by Ada in partnership with Canesten and uses artificial intelligence, also known as AI, to match your symptoms with possible conditions. It’s fast and discreet and you can use it on the go or in the privacy of your own home - whenever you need it.

How does the symptom checker work?

It takes just 3 easy steps to receive a symptom assessment and help you take back control of your intimate health:


Answer a few simple questions about your health and symptoms


Ada’ s AI assesses your answers against its medical library of conditions to find possible matches


You’ll receive a personalised assessment report that links your symptoms to a possible cause(s) and suggests next steps you can take

What’s Ada?

Ada is an AI-powered symptom assessment tool optimised by doctors to help you understand your symptoms and what might be causing them.

It’s trusted by people around the world and over 11 million people already use it to help them understand their symptoms.

This tool is brought to you by Ada in collaboration with Canesten® where it is hosted.

The Ada symptom assessment tool is a medical device registered in the European Union. Registration in other markets is pending. The Canesten website is not a registered medical device.

By opting to start the assessment, you will leave the Canesten website and enter the Ada symptom assessment tool.

Within the Ada symptom assessment tool, you will be asked a series of questions about your health and symptoms to help Ada generate a symptom assessment report.

Once this assessment report is generated, you will have the option to download it from the Ada symptom assessment tool. Bayer has no access to your personal data or assessment report. Ada is solely responsible for handling your personal data in accordance with their Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

If your assessment indicates a possible women’s intimate health condition - such as thrush, BV or cystitis - you will be given further options: find out more about these possible causes, find a local pharmacist and find out about Canesten products. At this time, you will be navigated back to the Canesten website and your Ada journey will end. Bayer is solely responsible for all content on the Canesten website.

Important note: Ada is not a substitute for advice from a healthcare professional and therefore does not replace your healthcare professional's advice or an appointment with your doctor. This symptom assessment tool cannot and is not intended to give you a medical diagnosis. Should your symptoms persist, get worse or if additional symptoms are noticed, please immediately seek professional medical attention.

Please speak to your healthcare professional if:

  • you are at all unsure about your symptoms or have any questions
  • you have never had thrush before and you think you might have it

If your healthcare professional has informed you of a diagnosis already, please follow their instructions carefully.