Symptoms of Vaginal Dryness

If you’re suffering from vaginal dryness, rest assured you’re not alone. Up to one in three women will experience it during their lives. Vaginal dryness occurs when the natural lubricant in your vagina, which normally keeps your vagina moist, decreases. While vaginal dryness is common during and post-menopause, women of any age can experience it.

Most women experience symptoms such as:

  • Burning, soreness or pain inside the vagina or the lower vagina
  • Itching, burning or soreness around the entrance to the vagina (vulva)
  • Pain during sex, sometimes accompanied by light bleeding
  • Recurring urinary tract infections
  • Frequent need or urge to urinate
  • Thinner vaginal lips (labia)

When to visit your doctor

If vaginal dryness is interfering with your lifestyle, relationships or sex life, talk to your doctor about your symptoms to get the right treatment – vaginal dryness doesn’t have to hinder your daily life at any age.

Elderly woman researching Vaginal Dryness

Did you know…

…vaginal dryness can affect women of any age, not just women going through menopause. Learn more on our What Is Vaginal Dryness page.