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Woman pondering the answers to thrush trivia quiz

Thrush Trivia Quiz

Take our Thrush Trivia Quiz to test your knowledge on the causes of thrush and it's symptoms. Explore more about thrush on the Canesten Learning Zone now!

Smiling young woman with curly hair, wearing a blue shirt, happy after Canesten thrush treatment

What is thrush?

Find out more about thrush or yeast infection. Discover what treatment products are available and how to prevent it from happening.

Happy young pregnant woman wearing yellow jumper and pointing to her tummy

Thrush in pregnancy: causes and treatment

Learn everything you need to know about having vaginal thrush during pregnancy. Find out how to prevent and treat a vaginal yeast infection. Medicines can affect the unborn baby. Always talk to your doctor or pharmacist before taking any medicine in pregnancy.

Smiling young man in a grey jumper, happy after Canesten thrush treatment

Male thrush: causes and symptoms

Learn more about male thrush symptoms. Including tips on how to reduce the risk of developing a yeast infection, treatment options and prevention.

The Truth Undresses

Vagina. Vulva. Discharge.

Let’s take a look, and see all the big, dark, uneven, hairy, honest versions of normality.

By clicking this link you will leave the Canesten website and enter The Truth Undressed website.

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Vaginal infections: what you need to know

Learn how to identify the symptoms and causes of vaginal infections such as thrush and bacterial vaginosis (BV). Discover our tips on how to improve your vaginal health here.

Smiling young woman with dark hair, wearing a red shirt, happy after Canesten cystitis treatment

What is cystitis?

Learn more about cystitis it’s causes and symptoms. You can also find out how to treat and tips on how to prevent cystitis here.

Smiling young woman with red hair, wearing a green shirt, happy after Canesten bacterial vaginosis treatment

What is bacterial vaginosis (BV)?

Learn more about bacterial vaginosis (BV), it’s symptoms, treatment and how to prevent it. Find out what are the differences between thrush and BV.

Closeup view of woman’s feet with beautiful healthy nails after Canesten treatment

Fungal skin and foot care tips

Fungal infections are fairly common, but they can be uncomfortable. Find out how good hygiene practice can help you avoid catching and spreading fungal skin infections.