Treating Vaginal Dryness

Treatments for vaginal dryness depend on your situation so it’s beneficial to visit your doctor to discuss options if vaginal dryness is interfering with your lifestyle, relationships or sex life. If you’d rather you can buy specially formulated products to relieve the discomfort of your vaginal dryness so you can feel comfortable in your everyday life. Using them regularly can help moisturise and lubricate your vagina, even during sex.


Canesintima Intimate Moisturiser with bottle

Canesintima is a convenient and easy-to-use moisturising gel containing natural ingredients that is gentle enough to use every day, and it is also compatible with condoms. The water-based, non-sticky formulation lubricates your intimate area and protects from further irritation.

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Canesfresh Gentle Refreshing Mousse

Soaps and body washes often include ingredients such as perfume and chemicals that can aggravate vaginal dryness. Use a wash such as Canesfresh Gentle Refreshing Mousse instead, which is specifically designed to cleanse and protect your intimate area, and won’t contribute to irritation.

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Elderly woman researching Vaginal Dryness

95% of women…

…would use Canesintima again. Conveniently, Canesintima is suitable to use every day.