Canesten® Hydrocortisone Cream

Canesten® Hydrocortisone Cream

Effective treatment for candidal intertrigo and athlete’s foot when accompanied by inflammation & itching.

Canesten® Hydrocortisone Athlete’s Foot 1% w/w Cream is a triple action treatment for fungal sweat rash (Candidal Intertrigo) and athlete’s foot, which is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory.

This is the only over the counter treatment you can buy that is formulated with a combination of clotrimazole and hydrocortisone acetate. The active ingredient clotrimazole is anti-fungal to treat the fungal skin infection as well as being anti-bacterial to help get rid of co-existing bacteria. Hydrocortisone acetate is anti-inflammatory to provide rapid relief from itching and inflammation.

Canesten® Hydrocortisone Athlete’s Foot 1% w/w Cream can be used to treat athlete’s foot and fungal sweat rash (Candidal Intertrigo) when there are additional symptoms of inflammation which require rapid relief (like swelling, redness and itching).

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