Canesten Thrush External Cream

Canesten Thrush External Cream

Canesten Thrush External Cream

If you’re suffering from symptoms such as itching and soreness, this effective double strength thrush cream* provides relief so you can get on with your day.

Contains Clotrimazole. Always read the label.
* compared to Canesten 1% Cream

Canesten Thrush External Cream relieves irritation of the vulva which is caused by vaginal thrush. Although it provides relief from the external irritation, it cannot treat the internal cause. Combination products, like Canesten Thrush Combi Pessary & External Cream can help you tackle both the internal cause and the external symptoms.


How to use Canesten Thrush External Cream?

You can use this double strength* cream to soothe the itching and soreness caused by thrush by applying it thinly and evenly to the area around the entrance of the vagina, 2-3 times a day. A product to treat the internal infection, like Canesten Thrush Pessary should be used at the same time. Treatment should be continued until symptoms of the infection disappear.

You should talk to your doctor if the symptoms of your infection do not improve within seven days of finishing treatment for the internal infection.

Some of us, though, suffer from recurrent attacks of thrush. If that is also your case, you may consider trying Canesflor which helps prevent recurrences of thrush. Learn more about Canesflor here.


What does Canesten Thrush External Cream contain?

The active substance is clotrimazole, an antifungal agent which fights fungal infections such as thrush.



If you are pregnant or trying for a baby, tell your doctor or midwife before using Canesten Thrush External Cream. Medicines can affect the unborn baby.

*compared to Canesten 1% Cream